Once you've decided that you definitely want to learn to dance, and have chosen a style that is most suited for you, it's time to figure out who you should be learning from. It's not as easy as you think - you'll want to keep a few things in mind...

Make sure the teacher is qualified

A qualified dance instructor will have accumulated dance credits throughout their career. Do research into where they have taught and who they have worked with. You can often find out dance credentials by searching for the choreographer online and finding out which talent agency they are signed to. Or, if you are taking online dance lessons, check out their bio page on the dance service's website.  

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Do they teach the style you are looking to learn?

You don't want to just take class from a choreographer because they have experience, or have worked with cool musical artist; make sure they are experts at your style! For example, if you are looking to learn ballroom dancing, you most likely aren't going to try and take class with the choreographer for Usher...


Check to see which skill level their class is 

This is super important! Most dance studios will put a label next to the choreographers they have available. If you are beginner, take beginner classes. Learning a new skill is a marathon, not a sprint. A lot of of new dancers will take an advanced class for their first class and get discouraged. Set realistic expectations and work with instructors that cater to your skill level.


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Jordan Acevedo

Written by Jordan Acevedo