Do you need experience to take online dance lessons?

Absolutely not! People of all skill levels can take advantage of online dance lessons. In fact, most people that take classes online, are usually learning for the first time and trying to expand their horizons.

All you need to take online dance lessons is:

  • The drive to learn something new
  • A positive attitude
  • A comfortable pair of sneakers and some water!


How much do online dance lessons usually cost?

Online dance lessons can vary in price, depending on the provider. Most online dance lessons are offered on a subscription basis, typically within the range of $20-$30 per month.


Taking online lessons vs. going to a studio

Taking dance classes online is becoming a popular alternative to traditional dance studios. Some of the benefits of learning virtually include:

  • Being able to learn at your own pace 
  • Saving time and money traveling
  • Having a one-on-one experience - no more struggling to see the teacher!


How do I know if a teacher is credible?

Most online dance services will provide information on the background of their teachers. Some of the things you should look out for when choosing the best teacher for you, include:

  • The teachers credits - where have they taught?
  • How long has the teacher been dancing?
  • Asking people about their experience taking class from the teacher!


Which styles of dance are offered and how I decide which one to take?

One of the beauties of taking online dance lessons is that there are so many different styles to choose from! Take some time to research styles that you are interested in; common styles that people tend to try first are:

  • Hip Hop/Urban
  • Modern & Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Salsa

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